My Bburago Maserati Gran Turismo

I love collecting the Bburago cars, and this car is one of my favorite’s! This is the Maserati GranTurismo! With an opening front trunk to reveal the engine, the inside is very detailed. The doors open to reveal a red interior, with is a very nice addition to the car. The front has the Maserati logo, and I have always loved that logo! The back trunk does not open, but on it in cursive letters, it says Maserati. Over all, I love this car so much! I think that’s it for this post!


My Minichamps 1960 Maserati Tipo 61

I went to Ron Tonkin GranTurismo in Wilsonville, Oregon, and got this Minichamps 1960 Maserati Tipo 61- 1/43 scale car for $65.00 and it is so awesome! The race car’s driver name is Jim Hall, and on the car it says about 5 times ’66’, so I guess that is the number race car Jim drove. He is still alive right now, and he is 81 years old! I don’t think he races anymore, but I still love his car! Also, this is my first blog post, and I think its good for the first time! I’ll post again when I have time!


P.S.: If you reading, thank you GranTurismo for being awesome to me!